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Divorce | Child Support | Family Law

Welcome to the Law Office of David A. Johnson. Mr. Johnson has dedicated his practice to helping people find the right resolution to each legal matter. With more than 30 years of extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom; he has the expertise you need to assist you with your legal matters. Legal issues can create a large amount of stress in your life. Mr. Johnson can handle your case through an effective resolution, whether that is by negotiation, mediation, or in court. Mr. Johnson seeks to know what your needs and desires are and then works hard to get the results you need and deserve. As a client of Mr. Johnson you will receive sound advice, solid representation and a law office that cares about you and your needs. What makes us stand out from other firms?

  • Keeping our clients informed of the status of their cases.
  • Making individualized case plans.
  • Educating our clients on the legal process and the likely path of their particular case.
  • Organizing a case for success.
  • Being fully prepared and aggressively advocating your position in Court.
  • Fair and equitable settlement resolutions where appropriate.
  • Being worthy of your trust and confidence.

Law Office of David A. Johnson Focused on Helping Families in Bonneville County


Are you considering divorce? Has your spouse approached you about ending your marriage?

Regardless who initiated talk of divorce; the entire experience can be stressful and emotional. Finding an attorney to represent you during this difficult time is one of the smartest things you can do.

When you are divorcing it can feel as though your every move is under a microscope. There are decisions that need to be made and before making them, it helps to consult a legal professional who understands the laws governing divorce in Bonneville County.

You also have options when you are divorcing. If things are amicable, it might be able to reach a divorce settlement outside of the courtroom. But even without court interference, it is still important to have an attorney reviewing any decisions that are made and ensuring that your rights are protected.

And when a divorce settlement is not reachable outside of the courtroom? In these cases, an attorney’s guidance and advocacy are essential.

If you are moving toward divorce or you or your spouse is in the process of filing, David Johnson can help.

Child Support

Issues related to child support can be some of the most contentious in a family. The family court system knows this and it has taken action to prevent children from being victimized in the upheaval of the end of their parents’ marriage.

The state has established guidelines that determine child support rates that are usually based on the incomes of both parents. But these calculations are not always cut-and-dry, especially if one parent is self-employed or earns a significant amount of non-traditional income. And according to the law, parents must share the expense of childcare, health insurance, and all medical expenses that are not covered under the child’s insurance.

It is the court that decides how muchnon-residential parentsmust pay when decisions about property division are made. It is also possible for divorcing parents to work together to design a custom child support plan. An experienced lawyer in Bonneville County can help you reach a suitable and mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures your child is protected.

David Johnson will make sure you receive fair treatment as child support amounts are calculated. And if and when a modification is needed, he will assist and ensuring the new arrangement is fair.

Family Law

Navigating any legal family matter—be it a divorce, child custody dispute, or alimony agreement—is never easy. The emotional challenges and legal complexities of the Bonneville County and Idaho family law systems can be overwhelming. Working with a lawyer can give you both confidence and peace of mind when you need it most.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to divorce and family legal matters. No matter your situation, David Johnson will take the time to understand your family and help you navigate Idaho’s family court system. He will act as your advocate and your guide during this challenging time.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact David today at 208-535-1000.

David A. Johnson has been providing quality legal services in East Idaho. As both a private attorney and as a former Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Johnson has substantial courtroom experience. Mr. Johnson has handled cases all over the State of Idaho. His primary areas of practice are in Bonneville, Bingham, Butte, Jefferson, Madison, Fremont Bannock and Jefferson Counties. In addition, to Idaho Falls, we serve residences in the Blackfoot, Shelley, Firth, Rigby, Rexburg, St. Anthony, Ashton, Ammon, Driggs and Victor, Idaho. [Read more..]