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5 Signs That It Might Be Time for a Divorce

Couple Having a Misunderstanding
Relationships take work; however, what happens when all attempts at resolving problems are futile? What does one do when nothing has been going right in the relationship for many years? The decision to separate or divorce is never easy; however, understanding the five warning signs that may signify the end of one’s relationship may greatly simplify the process.

· Lack of Communication and Arguing – One of the first warning signs that it may be time to divorce is a lack of communication. A breakdown in communication is often the early indicator at the end of a marriage. Do you find it more difficult than ever to speak to your spouse? Do everyday conversations seen to always turn into arguments? The focus of a relationship should not be on who is right and who is wrong.

· Infidelity – Any form of infidelity, whether physical or emotional, can spell the end of even the most reliable marriage. If your partner has been texting or seeing other people, especially in this age of technology and countless dating apps, it may be time to consider divorce. When trust is broken, it is often quite challenging to get it back.

· Lack of Intimacy – If your marriage’s spark is gone and no attempts to revive the relationship have worked, it may be a sign that it is time to move on. Lack of intimacy includes both physical and emotional connection, as well as sexual intimacy.

· Financial Problems – If your partner’s spending or addictions are getting out of hand and you are worried about your future, it may be a sign to leave the marriage. Financial problems often become worse in the future. Financial issues can lead to the loss of one’s home and lack of savings for a child’s education and retirement, among other topics.

· Lack of Equality – Finally, a lack of equality in the relationship may be a reason for a divorce. Two individuals attempting to live together fulltime can be a struggle for even the best-paired couples; however, for those who are quite different, it can be an impossible situation. Also, power imbalances through finances, as well as physical and emotional abuse, are also grounds for divorce.

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