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How to Save Money on Divorce Legal Fees

Protect your moneyOne of the things that concerns people the most about a divorce is the cost of the legal fees involved.   Many people struggle to pay their regular monthly bills.  Adding the costs of a divorce, which could costs tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, could be overwhelming.  There are things you can do to reduce the amount spent on your divorce.

If you and your spouse do not have children and can communicate well enough to agree on property division, it may be possible to do the divorce yourself.  Idaho has forms available for you to use (http://www.courtselfhelp.idaho.gov/individual-forms-instructions).  If you need help there could be a Court Assistance Office near you to assist you in making sure that the document are correctly prepared and you have the correct documents to file with the Court.  Some areas have an “attorney workshop” were you can go and ask an attorney questions about the law.  However, doing your divorce by yourself should only happen if you and your spouse are in full agreement about the things related to divorcing such as who will get certain property, who will remain in the home and who will pay which outstanding bills.  It generally doesn’t work if there are any real disputes or when children are involved.

Money can be saved by trying to mediate your divorce.  Through mediation, a third-party mediator can help you come to an agreement on the issues related to your divorce.  This saves time and money that would normally be spent on attorneys in court arguing the case.  While helpful for the parties to have some form of open communication for divorce mediation, the process is still most often effective even where disputes exist.

When you do use an attorney, divorce expenses can be reduced by the clients doing most of the legwork on gathering evidence, and providing full and complete information as requested by your attorney.  The more time you can do instead of your attorney or the assisting paralegal, the more you will save.

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