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7 Interesting Traits Divorced Couples Have in Common

Wedding Ring RemoveWhile every person and marriage is unique, divorced couples tend to have several characteristics in common, including these following seven traits:



1. Poor Communication

Poor communication is a leading cause of divorce, so many divorced individuals may have a history of unresolved conflict, feelings of invalidation, and not being able to communicate effectively with their former partner. To make the next relationship work, divorced individuals may need to prioritize effective communication with their new partner.

2. Defensiveness

Divorce  does take a toll on a person, and many people who get a divorce do so after a long history of a failing relationship, invalidated feelings, distrust, or disrespect. This may make them a little more defensive. Additionally, they may have felt years of criticism and a lack of appreciation in their former relationship that may transfer to the next one.

3. Separate Finances

Another leading cause of divorce finances. Divorce can wreak havoc on a person’s financial stability by splitting up assets, retirement accounts, and savings. Additionally, many couples may have given one spouse the main power in handling the finances only to see the problems this can create when a divorce arises and they find out they were left in the dark about their mutual finances. This may inspire individuals to keep separate finances and be more private about their finances in the next relationship.

4. Control

Many individuals enter divorce with the feeling that their partner has had too much control over them. They may feel their partner was too critical and may suffer from depression or a low feeling of self-respect. This may inspire newly single people to explore themselves and find that they are truly worthy of love and respect.

5. Willingness to Work on a Relationship

Many divorced individuals accept that any relationship has ups and downs and will require constant work. They may be willing to put this energy into their future relationships once they have a more realistic idea about what it takes to maintain a successful marriage.

6. Hope

The news is not all bad for divorced individuals. Divorce can be a very difficult experience. However, once a person emerges from the situation, they may feel stronger and truly aware of what they are capable of. This allows them to move toward the next chapter of their life with hope.

7. A Renewed Sense of Self

After years of making compromises and capitulations, many divorced individuals do exit a marriage with new energy and a renewed sense of self. Staying in a difficult marriage can be a very disheartening experience, so leaving it can feel like a great relief.

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